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Open doors for ministry and understanding Israel

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In our recent publications, we have written of a prophetic word which we received three years ago, that the Lord would open ten new Arab/Muslim countries for our ministry – even though Israel at that time was "an abomination" to those nations. Today, seven of these nations have already been opened!

We have opened a branch in an Arab nation in North Africa that is 99% Muslim, we have gone into Niger, Senegal, Mali, Guinea (all roughly 90% Muslim), Sierra Leone (60% Muslim) and Burkina Faso (50% Muslim). But we need partners to fund these open doors and for our message to penetrate those nations and reach their leaders, both the spiritual leaders and the national decision-makers!

Other open countries in Africa, where the Church is eagerly waiting for us to come in to minister and share our message on Israel, are Benin, Togo, Liberia and Congo. In fact, at the moment we have open doors to minister in more than 20 different nations in Africa! Clearly, now is the Lord’s timing for Christians in Africa to get connected to Israel and God’s purposes for her! And we are poised to be used mightily in this calling – together with you!

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